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Lucid Dream

Animation & Editing

Everyone wants to know how to lucid dream instantly, but 5 minutes is more reasonable. This simple lucid dreaming for beginners technique is called FILD, and will change the way you experience dreams at night.


Animation & Editing

This simple psychopath test will reveal the signs that you, or perhaps someone you know, is a psychopath. Test yourself here - but don’t expect to learn about the hollywood sociopath killer that is so often depicted in movies about Ted Bundy and the like. Instead, learn about the everyday psycho.

Canadian Pirate Sniper

Animation & Editing

Leo Major tricked an entire German unit to evacuate city, allowing Major to capture the city by himself. In this crazy video of a brave Canadian pirate sniper out to prove himself, he takes a huge risk approaching a German held city, and somehow manages not only to survive, but take the city single handedly.

Dr. Death

Animation & Editing

Harold Shipman was a trusted doctor by his patients until they started showing up dead. What motivated this doctor to commit such horrific crimes? Why did he receive a nickname Dr. Death

True Stories From a Bodyguard

Animation & Editing

Being a celebrity bodyguard means you must have certain qualifications, and be able to handle yourself under extreme pressure. In today's video we are getting the scoop on some crazy, true stories from a bodyguard spilling the beans on guarding some of Hollywood's most famous celebrities.

Human Body Worth

Animation & Editing

If you are ever strapped for cash, you can always sell your organs on the black market. But in order to do that, you will need to know how much your organs are worth, right? In today's educational funny cartoon we look at how much human organs sell for.

Nuke Still Missing

Animation & Editing

The United States military takes extreme caution and protocol when transporting nuclear weapons, but that doesn't mean accidents haven't happened in the past. And a nuclear accident sounds like the worst accident of all time. Watch today's new video where we dive into the mistakes of the military and uncover a story about a live nuke, still lost in an American swamp!

Super Volcano

Animation & Editing

Yellowstone National Park is home to one of the biggest super volcanoes and it IS going to erupt at any given moment! In today's video we are looking at Yellowstone and why it has scientists so panicked about it erupting. Will it affect you? Watch and find out! Could this make climate change even worse?

Shark's Teeth

Animation & Editing

This one may seem far fetched, but what if you had shark's teeth? In today's animated funny video we look at what your life would be like if you had the razor sharp teeth of a shark, one of the ocean's deadliest predators, but how well do the teeth serve you when you try to eat cereal for breakfast?

7 Signs You’re More Attractive Than You Think!

Animation & Editing

These simple signs tell you if you’re more attractive than you think. If you’re in love, maybe you want to know if someone likes you. But first - are you more attractive than you think?

7 Things You Should Never Do in the Morning

Animation & Editing

Here are some bad morning habits that you should never do in the morning, even if it has been your routine for a long time. These habits will destroy your motivation and lead you down the wrong path for the day, so ditch em!

10 LIES You’ve Been Told About Success

Animation & Editing

If you want to be successful, you need to stop hearing these lies about success. From motivation to affirmations, success is a difficult and complex concept. There are many habits you should take up - and many you should quit. To become successful, you need to…

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